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client-side mvc


Agile is one of 'eXtreme Programming' (XP), Scrum, and a few other methodologies.

ui markup nirvana

A personal quest to witness a better way to mark up a user interface (UI), and have that tied to.

See also my longer timeline around this series.

architecture & app config

Application architecture (stacks, separations, tiering), and configuration (design, toggles).

extreme programming & practices

Refactoring (the technique to improve code without changing functionality), Test Driven Development (TDD), etc

internet plumbing, and standards

Thoughts on the Internet's mechanical bits and pieces.

dependency injection

Inversion of Control (IoC) related technique 'Dependency Injection' popularized by Martin Fowler in 2004.

quality assurance

QA related things, most likely to do with automation of tests.

content management systems

Content Management Systems (CMS).

source control

Otherwise known as 'Software Configuration Management' (SCM), 'Version Control', or 'Revision Control'.

software patents

Software Patents, and my wish for them to not exist.

branch by abstraction, etc

A Source Control technique that enables teams to develop consecutive releases concurrently, or longer-to-implement changes safely. It goes hand in hand with 'Trunk Based Development' and feature toggles.

trunk based development

cloud computing

behavior driven development

Behavior Driven Development (BDD) - the Agile practice that embraces english phrasing of changes around behaviors.

teams & hiring

Team dynamics, and thoughts around hiring/recruitment.

continuous integration

small stories

The best projects I have been on had stories that were tiny - about one day (actual) each

persistence & nosql

Persistence of application data to/from traditional relational databases, or alternate document and key/value stores.

continuous delivery

High-throughout professional teams are deploying somewhere with every commit, perhaps even to live. Popularized by Jez Humble in the book of the same name.

application strangulation

The process of replacing and old application with a new one in stages.

elastic environment provisioning

Environments, in the modern age should be easy to provision. Specifically without meetings, work assignment, seeking budget up front, checklists, and approval.

continuous review

High-throughout professional teams for small or large applications review code continually, and leave no review debt for later.