Who Am I ?

I’m Paul Hammant and in my mid-40’s. I have worked for ThoughtWorks as a ‘Principal Consultant’ since 2002, and have been consulting since 1989. I’m an Agile advocate. As well as being nearly always billable to clients, I generally help TW’s Open Source agenda. No we do not get paid to work on open source! I’m a UK citizen but live in Dallas, Texas courtesy of a Green Card.

As a ThoughtWorks consultant, I’ve worked for a US national Bank, a UK-based global Oil Company, an ‘online bank’ (UK only), a global clothing retailer, a popular US budget airline, a search/ads giant, and a financial services conglomerate, where I enjoyed a ‘Director of Engineering’ position. Before ThoughtWorks, I was Head of Development at a UK “M-Commerce” startup (freelance then permanent), and a specialist for many years on IBM midrange computers in the Insurance field.

I was early into Java (asking newbie questions on comp.lang.java in Jan 1996) and middle of the field into C#/.Net (2003), and nowadays use Python or Ruby where it’s appropriate or through choice. Sinatra is what I like for web-framework, and I totally love some of the promise that AngularJS holds.

For the entire current millennia, I have been an advocate of Open Source, and eXtreme Programming (XP). I was participating in the former for a couple of years, before I became an advocate of the latter. The two communities feed off each other.

Minor claims to fame?

I was rabid about Inversion of Control long before I arrived in ThoughtWorks, or indeed it was popular anywhere. Indeed, I’m a pioneer of the related interest Dependency Injection and guilty of coining some numerical sub-types before our chief scientist wrote that famous article, and the world of development was good again. Aside from Dependency Injection, there are some technologies/techniques I helped push:

Recurring themes

Aside from Dependency Injection, there are some themes that I keep returning to in this blog over the years:

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