Who Am I ?

I’m Paul Hammant and in my late-40’s. I have mostly been a IT consultant since 1989. I’m an Agile advocate, and love open source development.

I am Senior Director of Engineering at HedgeServ.com overseeing the development of polyglot systems for a hedge fund administration platform. We have development in New York, Boston, Ireland and Bulgaria.

I used to work at ThoughtWorks, and spent nearly all of 12.5 years there on client engagements (finaincial services, an airline, retail, startups). Roles ranges from developer, tech lead and Director of Engineering. Before ThoughtWorks, I was Head of Development at a UK M-Commerce startup. Before that I was a freelancer on green-screen systems development in the insurance field, before being early in to fat and thin solutions for enterprise Java needs.

For the entire current millennia, I have been an advocate of Open Source, and eXtreme Programming (XP). I was participating in the former for a couple of years, before I became an advocate of the latter. The two communities feed off each other. Of course Lean and Kanban take over from XP these days, and I do what I can to avoid Scrum as well as correct people when they conflate it with Agile.

Linked in has more job detail: www.linkedin.com/in/paulhammant

Minor claims to fame?

Dependency Injection

I was rabid about Inversion of Control long before I arrived in ThoughtWorks, or indeed before it was popular anywhere. I’m also one of the pioneers of the related topic Dependency Injection and guilty of coining some numerical sub-types before ThoughtWorks’ chief scientist, Martin Fowler, wrote his widely-read article making the world of development good again.

Selenium 1.0

Trunk Based Development

I talk about “Trunk Based Development” (TBD) a lot, enough so that you’d think I’m its inventor (I’m not). Simularly associated practices, “Branch by Abstraction”, and Feature Toggles (or flags if you prefer). A lot of my cosulting career featured the recomendation of, and planned implementation towards TBD.

Recurring themes

Aside from the above, there are some themes that I keep returning to in this blog over the years:

My last ten blog entries

Go to my archive for a full list of entries going back to 2002.

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