Who Am I ?

I am Paul Hammant, a DevOps and Continuous Delivery expert. Until recently I was Senior Director of Engineering, Chief Science Officer, for a fintec startup and oversaw all software development. That hedge fund administrator had development teams in New York, Boston, Ireland, and Bulgaria. Teams made applications and services with different technologies, different release cadences, but all were agile and rested on DevOPS & Continuous Delivery best practices.

Before that, I used to work at ThoughtWorks (Martin Fowler's consultancy), and spent nearly all of 12.5 years there on client engagements (investment banking, financial services, an airline, retail, startups). Client roles ranged from developer, tech lead and Director of Engineering.

Before ThoughtWorks, I was Head of Development at a UK 'mobile-commerce' startup (before mobile data was cheap), and in the early 90's I was a freelancer on green-screen systems development in the insurance field.

I am in my late-40’s, have mostly been a software development consultant since 1989, am an Agile advocate, and am passionate about open source development.

Dependency Injection Pioneer

I was rabid about Inversion of Control (IoC) long before I arrived in ThoughtWorks, or indeed before it was popular anywhere. I am also one of the pioneers of the related topic Dependency Injection and guilty of defining some numerical sub-types for IoC, before ThoughtWorks’ chief scientist, Martin Fowler, wrote his widely-read article renaming what I was talking about to Dependency Injection (DI)

Back then in 2002, I was busy working on the first constructor injection DI container with Aslak Hellesøy (more famous for Cucumber these days): PicoContainer, in Java.

Selenium Co-Creator

Selenium, is the defacto-standard functional web-app testing technology. I’m co-creator of Selenium 1.0 (2004). The bit I did was Selenium-RC's browser process spawning side, to allow your choice of driving language (Java initially, but Python, Ruby and C# soon after). That used Comet I/O between the browser and the test runner, although it wasn't called that until later. These days Selenium 2 (WebDriver) is a huge force, with cloud testing grids, and just about every web-development team uses it. I was until 2016, in the Selenium management committee, and I am still a committer for the project.

Here is ThoughtWorks' 10-year old birthday congratulations for Selenium from 2014, written by me.

Flag Carrier For Trunk Based Development

I talk about “Trunk Based Development” (TBD) a lot. Enough so that you would think I invented it, or coined the term, but I did not. I wrote the first article on the associated practice “Branch by Abstraction” (although I didn't invent that either), and a lot of my consulting features the recommendation of, and planned migrations towards TBD and Branch by Abstraction

Read more about that on the TBD, Branch by Abstraction, Feature Toggles, and source-control best practice on the information portal for Trunk Based Development, that I have put together with friends. Bonus: ebooks.

Other Recurring themes

Aside from the above, there are some themes that I keep returning to in this blog over the years:

For the entire current millennium, I have been an advocate of Open Source, and eXtreme Programming (XP). I was participating in the former for a couple of years, before I became an advocate of the latter. The two communities feed off each other. Of course Lean and Kanban take over from XP these days and we roll it all into a "DevOps" title.

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Senior Director of Engineering, fintec startup (New York). Many apps/services/technologies - 68 develelopers and QAs
Dec 2014 - to date.
Principal Consultant, ThoughtWorks (Chicago, San Francsico, Dallas, New York). Many Clients. Architecture, Coaching
June 2004 - Dec 2014.
Principal Consultant, ThoughtWorks (London). Two clients BP & Egg. Architecture, Coaching
June 2002 - June 2004.
Head of Development, Digital Rum (London, UK). Dev team: 25, Java m-commerce WAP & Web platform
Jan 2001 - Sept 2001.
Freelance Senior Developer, Ubiquity (Brussels, Belgium). Java web-apps (some J2EE, some not).
Jan 2000 - Dec 2000.
Freelance Senior Developer, Agfa (Antwerp, Belgium). Java + Swing + CORBA.
Mar 1998 - Jan 1999.
Freelance Senior Developer, IBM (Dublin, Ireland). Java + Swing + CORBA.
Mar 1998 - Jan 1999.
Various freelance and 'permie' roles (Dublin and Ireland). RPG/400 + AS/400s + SQL / Insurance apps.
Jan 1989 - Mar 1998.
Senior Director of Engineering, fintec startup (New York) Principal Consultant, ThoughtWorks (Chicago, Sanf Francsico, Dallas, New York) Principal Consultant, ThoughtWorks (London) Head of Development, Digital Rum (London, UK) Freelance Senior Developer, Ubiquity (Brussels, Belgium) Freelance Senior Developer, Agfa (Antwerp, Belgium) Freelance Senior Developer, IBM (Dublin, Ireland) Programmer, various (UK, Ireland)

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