You want some of the benefits of Google and Facebook’s way, but don’t know how to sell it to executives, and blog entries are not enough?

Maybe you’re confident that, as a group counseling the technical deciders, you could collectively find the right place on a spectrum for your organization?

But how to raise the need for this in the first place?

Enter Forrester’s “More Engineering, Less Dogma” report.

More accurately, More Engineering, Less Dogma: The Path Toward Continuous Delivery Of Business Value

The report is packaged for executives, as is everything else from Forrester Research. It is a bunch of astute analysis around the following and their impact on release cadence:

  • Branching Model (Trunk versus Feature Branches, etc)
  • Methodology (Waterfall, Scrum, Kanban)
  • Testing strategies (automated vs not automated variants)
  • Many more fine-grained factors

It also gives practical how/where to start advice. The report is as much about Continuous Delivery as anything else, but I like how it implicitly supports Trunk-Based Development.

From ThoughtWorks, the report cites:

  • My Facebook TBD analysis from 10 months ago (incl. a simplification of one of the charts in it).
  • Martin Fowler’s Strangler Application materials. I’ve written about that too, with some of our case Studies.
  • Martin’s take on the “Branch by Abstraction” stuff I’ve been championing in conjunction with Trunk-Based Development
  • Jez Humble’s Risk Management Theatre article (via it’s Dzone syndication),
  • Jez’s “Continuous Delivery” cause/passion.

Check the ‘Categories’ linked to in this page for more, albeit not collated, information on many of the above.

Financial Interest?

I receive no compensation from Forrester for anything, and they didn’t know I was posting this (like I didn’t know they were publishing theirs in the first place).

Of course ThoughtWorks can be your partner in the transition from bad to the excellence outlined in the Forrester report. We’ve done this before for enterprises in many verticals, and we’re passionate about this type of transformation :)