I'm tracking a bunch of competing technologies that have moved templating and binding to data (from the server or not). I suggest through a series of blog entries, that it is a paradigm shift.

All of these are about shifting templating logic from the server side to the client side, without have a crazy amount of JavaScript. The concept suite internal apps, or apps that require login best, as presently search engines are not indexing dynamic pages too well.

I like the set on the left, and dislike the set on the right. I'm very comfortable with the templating amongst regular HTML, and they generally have less JavaScript. I'm not missing the JavaScript that doesn't have to be tested.

To some degree, my patronage of Angular and Knockout flies in the face of a parallel agenda around "UI Markup Nirvana":/ui-markup-nirvana which I wish to see flourish. While HTML and the DOM are still prevalent, I am tracking both.

My blog entries on this class of JavaScript app