Referring to the previous JBehave/WebDriver suite that some buddies and I had been building for newbies to start with, it also runs on Sauce Labs stack. While it normally runs the three tests in series, this way of running it will run the three tests in parallel to reduce the total time needed to run the suite.

Here is the result of that. Three jobs that have completed, and are hosted on Sauce Labs’ stack for all to see.

See the same job on Sauce Labs

See the same job on Sauce Labs

See the same job on Sauce Labs

I essentially ran the following on the command line to make this work:

mvn install -DSAUCE_USERNAME=paul_hammant -DSAUCE_ACCESS_KEY=0c79aab4-not-the-real-access-key

Three jobs in parallel is a wash in terms of elapsed time compared to same three in series. When you do this for twenty stories concurrently, you begin to see the real speed benefits. I can only imagine what a hundred in parallel are like.

PS - I’ve been paying for the $50/mo account presently, and Sauce Labs are not paying me for this posting. Jason (ex ThoughtWorks) originally had the idea for the provision of cloud capability some time in 2006 about bounced it off me and the ThoughtWorks founder. I seem to remember talking him and TW out of investing in the idea. Ooops.


April 5th, 2011