So close and yet so far.

So at short notice I was asked to speak at the Chicago Java User's group.  Unfortunately a family illness conspired to keep me away. I'd already done the presentation in a couple of days though, so I forced Aslak to go do it instead.  The presentation (at least the version I gave to Aslak) is downloadable here:

  PDF : 650 Kb (no transition effects)
  Shockwave : 2 Mb (some small transition effects)

There are some suggestion's that Apple's Keynote '05 product does not save kosher PDF.  I'm not sure whether this is true for Keynote '06...


Unfortunately the style is such that the slides are a backdrop to a conversation that's not present for the above.  Try watching the excellent with the sound turned off :-(  


The presentation includes:
  • A crash course in the 'assembly' part of Inversion of Control (IoC)
  • The difference between PicoContainer and NanoContainer
  • Some of the markup or meta-data choices for NanoContainer
  • Some additional things we've done that are related
  • Some fanciful ideas Aslak characterized as "Paul's crazy ideas" on the night (as he skipped over the slides)

From now on though, I going to make sure that all presentations I do are available in some degree with a video preamble (wide angle ;) and sound throughout. Its quite a cool economy to the highly produced presentation like this.  At least, when I have control of the resulting media..

For those interested in other styles that are influential currently, read out this and this from Presentation Zen.


January 27th, 2006