Subversion back end

You can configure cozmos to use a subversion repository instead of the build in unversioned one.  Whatever authentication and authorization implementation the subversion repo had (via mod_dav_svn) will control the permissions for the editing of pages.  It's slightly inelegant in use (at least first time) as the URL for publishing is different to the one for browsing. as opposed to for example.  Once set in SeaMonkey's preferences (for that site) it is remembered by the browser for subsequent launches.

Firefox changes needed

For this idea to truly take off, Firefox needs to have a pluggable editor (kinda like Internet Explorer does).  Ignoring how the preferences dialogs would change, here is what it would look like.  It would be ghosted if no helper application were set in the applicable prefs dialog of course.

Firefox with edit menu

Any Mozilla coders in the bay area want to do some pairing?  Get in touch ( my first name @ my family name dot org )

Update: See also a video of Cozmos in use with the subversion backend. It is only 26 seconds long.


January 15th, 2007