Expanding on the previous blog entry a little: here is an 8 min video walk through of the Shoes and Swiby apps that were developed. It still uses the same Java backend on Google's AppEngine, but digs deeper into the client code, and the advances represented in DSLs for Ruby that are hypothetical successors for HTML and JavaScript. With me on the talk is Vijay Jambu a ThoughtWorks colleague who developed the Shoes app. Jean Lazarou's Swiby app is also talked over, but has not been taped for posterity this time :-(

I have an agenda for all of this. First and foremost, I think Sun has it all wrong with JavaFX (my employer does not necessarily agree). Secondly, I'm fearing that there is another side to GWT in the making, that pushes it into real fat client (as opposed to pseudo-fat-client-but-still-in-the-brower-frame) where it is today.


April 13th, 2009