Mi┼íko Hevery's <Angular/> has gained many fans over the last few months.  I was seriously looking at if for ThoughtWorks internal app-dev earlier in the year (we have a slew of LotusNotes applications to replace).  There is nothing wrong with the technology, but storing TW data in a third party cloud was not going to be an easy sell.  And that was the main choice back then.  ThoughtWorks is deep into the Google Corporate-Gmail solution and leverages the associated applications including AppEngine where appropriate.  There is no AppEngine deployment capability for the server-data side of <angular/>, so I reluctantly stepped back from my experiments.  I'm just one guy, so may have never been able to persuade the powers that be that <angular/> was what we should choose for internal app dev.

Anyway, Dobrica Pavlinušić has taken a peek at the API specifications for a RESTful interop with <angular/> clients, and decided that he can make a simple one in Perl; GitHub to the rescue!

It is just early beginnings, but there's every possibility that this could be an easy LAMP deployment when it progresses a little more.  Here is me filling a form on his 'Symposium' demo app:

As is standard for <angular/> clients in development, there's a debug section below the page that shows the JSON stuffed into it.  Take a look at the source for this page copied below.  Look for use of 'ng:' ( n g colon ) in this gist:

For those that did not know already, <angular/> is a stroke of genius that drags development of web-apps back into the realm of mortals. Its advance was to add attributes to well known HTML elements, send them to the browser with the page, and have some JavaScript in the browser act on them and essentially remove them before rendering. Check out the examples

No word yet, on open source Ruby or Python equivalents.


September 6th, 2010