Agility Alliance

Agility Alliance search resultsEDS and friends are in some sort of alliance. Not in itself newsworthy from my point of view. What is newsworthy is the group's trading name is 'Agility Alliance'.  I'm not sure when this kicked off, but I am pretty sure that it was not before the 'Agile Alliance' came into being.  It is a shame that companies are rushing to frame their business practices as agile  In this case, this newer group may well manage to displace the Agile Alliance from its Google ranking. Today (March 19th, 2005) at least, a search for 'Agility Alliance' ranks the former esteemed group as having the top five entries. For 'Agile Alliance' the software methodology group gets the top 30 at least.

For the record - No fixed software or hardware choice is Agile (as in methodologies). Moreover, my experience shows that the fatter the dependent installs for an Agile project, the worse it gets. The software components most friendly to Agile development are small libraries.  Little things that fit inside the source control package your group is using. Oh, and hopefully the SCM package your using is little (in terms of install) too.

Anyway, long live the Agile Alliance, and shame of the Agility Alliance for not being more original with their name.


March 19th, 2005