Inspired by our use of txt2tags for the CDI book,  Aurelio Marinho Jargas has made some docs changes to the Python txt2tags to say why it is so good for teams to use for book drafting.  Aslak liked it so much (and because I asked Aurelio if it could do it and it can't) he wrote a "slurper" to take snippets of Java source and consume them into the book. Aurelio talks about the pros and cons here. Good stuff. Slurper, by the way, allows is to keep live JUnit tested code for our example snippets of the book. IDEA/Eclipse is a much better place to write code snippets than a text editor.

Oh by the way, I stayed at the Radisson in Glasgow this week. This is mostly an excellent hotel. The netpoint WIFI was a ripoff at a few pennies under £30 a day. When will this all be free?  Whilst there, I managed to persuade Kraig Parkinson to write something for the CDI book. He would rush towards the neatness of CDI for testing, but that is a crowded space presently. Next best is a chapter on Domain Driven Design. We'll give him a week to contribute some words (he has plenty of ideas), before taking the leash off Aslak and watching him complete the chapter in a single night ;-)


October 17th, 2004