Just given at O'Reilly's OSCON, my PicoContainer/NanoContainer/MicroContainer slideshow.

It talks over dependency injection and why it is important, then Pico, Nano and Micro.  The slideshow is generally assertive. There are a couple of controversial slides that I though I might get more trouble for, but I didn't

Some stats on the 35 or so attendees -
  • About half had knowledge of DI at the outset.
  • Four or so interlopers from the Perl/Python community.
  • One third did unit testing and seeming all did that test first (TDD) or claimed to.
  • Only three people had seen Groovy (I'm not sure if James Strachan was one of them).
  • Many of the Geronimo dudes were missing, so I'm responding in kind by heckling at their presentation "Real World IoC" (that's right now by the way)

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July 30th, 2004