PicoContainer logoOK so its been over a year since Aslak and I got drunk at my apartment and started PicoContainer. Anyway, in short, pairing over Yahoo Instant Messenger, we've just released the 1.0 Java version. http://picocontainer.com is the URL of course.

It was originally called xContainer I think. In fact, let's see if I can't upload the original source here.

We started it because I was very depressed over the state of Apache's Avalon. I'd been committing to that for number of years and pushing the same old Nirvana story I still push for PicoContainer nowadays (and getting nowhere). The real problem at the time is that Avalon-Framework and Avalon per se was under a tug of war between the committers. With PicoContainer, Springs adoption of CDI, Martin's article, IoC and CDI now have the mindshare they deserve. In time everything large will be CDI. Large, all the way up to Operating System (Geronimo, Jesktop, Enterprise Object Broker show the way).


June 5th, 2004