Some weeks ago Chris Stevenson, Aslak and Jon Tirsen gave a presentation to Roy (the TW CEO) on SEDA, IoC and AOP. I drew a small timeline diagram to illustrate when I though things had happened in terms of paradigms. The diagram will be scanned later, but the one sentence statement of here and now with respect to paradigms was...

"AOP supplements a COP design which is written in an OOP language according
to modular, structured, ideals in a 3GL."

OK, so the 3GL bit is a bit redundant. I wanted to say that 4GLs had come and gone. As Martin said yesterday in his keynote at JAOO CASE tools keep refusing to die.

The main point is that the bulk of an application will be crafted in an OOP language (like Java). Often the app is big, and COP is appropriate for some sensible separations. Latterly, we use a small amount of AOP to retrofit the components with some additional functionality. i.e. AOP does not kill COP, it supplements it. Neither AOP or COP negate the OOP practices that predate them, they just dilute the extreme nature you might have had to go to before.


September 24th, 2003