Erik Dorenburg and Damien Guy were working on a Hibernate demo for Enterprise Object Broker. Great work apart from the jar dependency hell :-

U lib/c3p0.jar
U lib/cglib-asm.jar
U lib/commons-beanutils.jar
U lib/commons-collections.jar
U lib/commons-dbcp.jar
U lib/commons-lang.jar
U lib/commons-logging.jar
U lib/commons-pool.jar
U lib/connector.jar
U lib/dom4j.jar
U lib/jaas.jar
U lib/jcs.jar
U lib/jdbc2_0-stdext.jar
U lib/jta.jar
U lib/odmg.jar
U lib/optional.jar
U lib/proxool.jar
U lib/xalan.jar
U lib/xerces.jar
U lib/xml-apis.jar

Time to advocate PicoContainer to the Hibernate team. Watch out Gavin, here we come.


September 6th, 2003