It is 2019, and not many people talk about Cookie Cutter Scaling (one my my passions). Micro-Frontends have gained traction, and are very similar. We’re over a decade into the Micro-Services era, with old Service Orientated Architecture (SOA) being talked of much less. Monolith’s are the enemy it is said, and Functions as a Service (FaaS) are super trendy. There are dozens of differences between all these architectures, but I thought I focussed on a few of them in a single diagram. I’ll inline SVG here for the diagram, which is currently supported by 98.78% of browsers used globally. Sorry if you’re one of the 1.2%.

Produced by OmniGraffle 7.10.1 2019-06-01 14:51:14 +0000 Canvas 1 Layer 1 Abstractions of socket. Typically HTTP listeners. Numbers of hops is determined (or confirmed) after analysis or instrumentation of system Full stack teams full stack teams MS Micro- Services MF Micro- Frontends FaaS Functions as a Service SOA SOA Monliths Monoliths Requires more release coordination, and therefore painful in many ways Liberated from release coordination No side calls CCS Cookie Cutter Scaling “no side calls” ethos Rectangle Largely unaware of sockets. Numbers of hops opaque

You could argue that Cookie Cutter Scaling is a specialization of Micro-Frontends, but the digram is complicated enough as it is.


June 1st, 2019